Waterfront in Ascona


commissioned by: city of Ascona

competition project: arch. rolando zuccolo with stefano corecco and paolo canevascini

realized project: studio meyer e piattini with rolando zuccolo

director of construction and civil engineer: andreotti & partners SA, Locarno

lightdesign: Consuline, Milano

competition project: 1999

realized project: 2010–2011

project that aims at clarifying the definition of the existing space, with the awareness of its individual physical characteristics. The lakeside, aside from being a place for events of various kinds, has always been primarily a transition space and meeting place. 

Considering the existing spatial qualities that give the space its typical atmosphere, we emphasized its spirit of simplicity.



Only local stones are used in two simple and different textures in order to cover the pavement. A texture perpendicular to the lake creating a walking carpet between the street and the lakeside, and a diagonal texture that covers the resting and sitting area under the trees reaching the lake.

An artistic scheme for pavements was studied by artist Paolo Foletti which consisted of insertion of fish figures made out of cast metal, inlaid in stones randomly. This poetic intervention unfortunately was not realized in the end.



The lighting scheme of the lake side area, takes into account its inherent dual point of view from the square and the lake.  A complex computer system captures the colors of the lake and the environment during the day through a photographic process and projects them on to the illuminated trees during the night. Illuminating the Sycamore trees along the lake from bellow defines their sculptural shape.