8 e 10, via al chioso lugano,

office building


commissioned by: caimato sa, lugano
director of construction: direzione lavori sa, lugano
civil engineer: pini & associati, lugano
engineers: vrt sa, lugano | elettroconsulenze solcà, lugano
landscape architect: sophie ambroise, officina del paesaggio, lugano

project: 2000–2002
construction phase 1: 2003–2005
construction phase 2: 2007–2009

phase 1: 13 500 mc sia, 3160 mq sul
phase 1+2: 26 000 mc sia, 6120 mq sul

This project took in consideration the traditional Italian architecture of the 60's, in particular the works of Asnago and Vender in Milan.
The concept; neither minimalistic nor expressionistic, was to approach the construction in a simple and direct manner. The building was to be neutral, not monumental, reminiscent of a factory, with large windows and interior working spaces.
The concrete base, pigmented in black, unites the building to the ground, decorates the facade and at the same time confers a representative character to the entrance. The new building is connected with Mario Botta's construction, which creates a new street front.