House in Galbisio


commissioned by: privat
director of construction: Sandro Cairoli
civil engineer: Leo Girardi Studio Serafino Messi Bellinzona

project: 2004–2005
construction: 2005–2006
dimensions: 970 mc sia, 204 mq sul

The project is focused on four elements. The three volumes of the house: the main block, the projecting living room, the garage, and the dialogue with the nearby rural stone construction. The disposition of these elementary volumes facilitated the insertion of the house in the sloping landscape.
The large opening in the living area allows an extensive view of the valley and castles of Bellinzona, that remind one of the Ciclope Polifemo. In the spacious living area the library corner, the fireplace, the dining area and the kitchen, appropriately articulated, are distinguished in relation to their various functions.
The diversification of the windows, in the three bedrooms on the first floor, accentuates the spectacular view.