5 houses in Barbengo


commissioned by: privat
director of construction: direzione lavori SA
civil engineer: pini & associati, Lugano

project: 2007–2008
construction: 2009–2011
dimensions: 3600 mc sia, 700 mq sul

The five units single family housing project is built in an area East of Collina D’oro and next to the old nucleus of Barbengo, which is accessible from Cadempino towards Agra-Collina D’oro.The land descends towards East and is open towards South and North.

Footprints of old terraced vineyards that once provided grapes for production of wine that are typical characteristic of such terrain, runs through the land.

The five housing units are positioned in such way to create a unique and articulated complex assessed on different levels in order to follow the natural topography of the land, while uniting the green area around them, as if they all have a common garden.

Each unit is different in plan, covers 140 sqm.of land, and built on two levels, the day level, and the night level.

The day zone is at the garden level (lower), with a single open and free living room. The night zone is at the upper level (entry). Main spaces are oriented towards South and East, looking towards the valley.

The project is designed according to Minergie standards in order to be efficient in energy saving and ecological concerns, with the use of solar panels for producing warm water, which are installed on the covered roof of the parking spaces of each unit.