house in Brusino



commissioned by: privat
director of construction: studio meyer e piattini
civil engineer: pini & associati, Lugano

project: 2008–2009
construction: 2009–2010
dimensions: 780 mc sia, 212 mq sul

Initially (1930–40) it was a simple fisherman's house with a dock and became a vacation house later in 1970.

The  interior layout of the house, since the 70s changes, was not convincing and the architectural quality of the intervention was poor.

We radically transformed the house buy bringing the day zone on the ground floor, which was directly connected to a wide terrace overlooking the lake. Through inserting large windows towards the panoramic view of the lake we created new simple bright rooms on the first floor.

A dark gray concrete floor runs throughout  the house like a carpet, giving a sculptural quality to the central staircase and to the steps leading to different levels.

All the custom made panels and furniture are in pure white contrasting with the dark color of the floor.