landhouse in Osco

renovation (project of architect Franco Pessina)


commissioned by: privat
architectural design: Franco Pessina
director of construction: studio meyer e piattini
civil engineer: pini & associati, Lugano

project: 2008
construction: 2008–2010
dimensions: 680 mc sia, 122 mq sul

The building in Osco was once a barn with its haystack, overlooking the main square of the village.The barn is a typical building of the area, composed mainly of stone walls and large timbers.

The renovation of this building was studied by Arch. Franco Pessina, while the execution of the work was carried out by Meyer e Piattini architects.

In this project, the original stone facade has undergone an intervention limited to the entry points of the building.  A large opening has been carved out in to the timber facade, but its appearance was not altered. Beams were moved with great care and cut to be used later as sliding shutters allowing light to reach the internal spaces when open and to recompose the original facade once closed.

The interior, although completely altered in appearance, maintained its previous spatial character. The void space of the barn on the top floor is maintained and converted into the day zone, a unique ample and white space with a central kitchen entirely covered with steel. The lower floor is basically a wooden box, subdivided as it used to be originally in bedrooms, bathrooms and technical services all covered by Larch wood. The two floors are connected by a small spiral staircase in the center of the space.