Sciaredo House in Barbengo



commissioned by: fondazione sciaredo, zürich
interior decoration: Arch. Jürg Bally, bern

year of construction: 1932
project and Direction of restoration: 1999–2001

dimensions: 600 mc sia, 130 mq sul

rojected and constructed by Georgette Klein in 1932. The house is an important testament of modern architecture in Ticino. In particular it represents another concept of «modern» based on Schinkel, Tessenow, and Loos. It is a «contaminated modern» a hybrid.
The house has a flat roof, the light invades the small rooms of the first floor. An English fireplace and a particular glass cupboard distinguish the living-room. The wooden railing on the staircase ends with a decorative curl. The two external symmetrical stairs are a neoclassic touch.
This way of using architectural elements, which is both respectful and actual, represents that which we try to apply to our projects.